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Electromechanical Equipment Installation & Maintenance

Electricity and electrical system repair and maintenance is a very important and delicate job. You can’t simply fix the broken switches and sockets by yourself because there is electricity flowing through the circuit; instead, you need to hire a qualified electrician to complete the task in the best and safest manner possible. We offer qualified electricians with top-notch abilities and knowledge who can solve electrical problems with the utmost care and effectiveness.

Electrical and Mechanical Field Facility

• Troubleshooting and repair of AC & DC Flexible Speed Drives
• Machine Controls service and repair
• Inspection, service, and repair of Power Dissemination Panels
• Service and repair of Electro-Mechanical equipment plus large AC & DC motors, pumps, blowers, and associated machinery
• Laser configuration to expand the life of the equipment and better product quality.

Electrical Contracting & Installation

• Main Electrical Service
• Factory Certified for AC & DC Drive Start-Ups for all ABB products.
• Power delivery systems
• Power Lines for Machinery
• Power Surveys
• General Industrial Wiring
• Industrial Drive Systems
• Machine Controls
• Lighting Systems